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What Separates Us
We Will Approve Bad Credit
We can work with bad credit and in some circumstances even no credit at all. There are many cases where what appears on a credit report doesn't accurately reflect what's going on in someone's financial life and we are committed to figuring those cases out.

Friendly Staff
Our staff are friendly and respectful to all our customers. It's because of this that we have many of our longer term customers who know that when they need help they can rely on us and they don't need to worry about getting in touch with us.

No Hidden Fees
We don't have any hidden fees in our contracts at all. We hate reading fine print which is why our contracts are written in simple language that anyone can understand. They're short too, so you can finish reading them in only a few minutes if you're interested.
The Info We Require
Fill Out The Application
You don't need to make an appointment with us. The first step is simply to fill out the application and submit it to our systems for analysis.

Confirm Employment Details
If your basic information qualifies then we'll need to go deeper. This means getting a look at your online banking to see whether your employer is depositing your pay into the right account and that your pay schedule is as you entered it.

Money Transferred Directly
You'll get the funds transferred directly once we're satisfied that all your details are correct. When it's time to repay, the funds will be directly removed. It's really that easy.

Any Issues?
If you have any issues and our FAQ doesn't help then we can be reached at 303-653-9209 or
Reasons For Borrowing
Expect To Repay
A mistake that customers sometimes make is taking out a loan that they don't expect to be able to pay off. This will result in NSF fees and it's just bad financial practice.

Immediate Problems
Although our loans stretch out to six months, they're not like mortgages. You should be cognizant of the amount of time that you think you need that loan for. Even with our highly reasonable rates of only 45% per year, that's still well in excess of what you might expect to pay a credit card.

Frequent Usage
With the long timeframe of these loans you might be tempted to continually reborrow but we'd advise against that. You'd be better off getting a line of credit or a credit card in all honesty. Over the span of the loan you might be well served by finding ways to economize to free up more space in your budget rather than heading back into debt.

We Lend Across Colorado
Major Cities
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